Thursday, 31 May 2012

Early exit (and re-entry) for Pishvafar

Before we get to our Fantasy Poker update, let's take a moment to commiserate with one of the blog's most frequently-featured, David Pishvafar.

The German is currently beating himself up after making an early exit to the Main Event, despite the hand bearing all the hallmarks of a cooler.

Pishvafar, who has been a ParadisePoker Tour regular throughout the first three seasons and was our best-placed player on the WSOP trip in 2011, called a pre-flop raise with 33 as the first blind level drew to a close.

Two other players joined him on his dream KK3 flop and after the initial raiser led out, both David and the other villain called to see the 8 drop in the turn. A similar pattern followed, with the aggressor betting the pot to put 8,000 in the middle, though this time only the victim of our tale called.

The river 2 completed a flush on board and when his rival shoved for his remaining stack, David called only to see him roll pocket 8s. A cruel end to the day... but then we are in Greece Mr. Pishvafar. The sun is shining!

UPDATE - After careful consideration, David decided to re-enter the tournament given we're within the first three levels so Fantasy Poker followers breathe again - he lives on!

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