Thursday, 31 May 2012

Espensen busts before dinner

Ronnie Espensen hasn't enjoyed much luck on the ParadisePoker Tour Season 3 and despite the strong start we were keen to shout about, fortunes turned on the Dane just before dinner.

Having lost the previously reported monster pot with AA vs JJ, Ronnie had enjoyed a brief spell of hope having tripled up his 2,300 stack holding 45s. The comeback wasn't to be, however.

His remaining 6,000 chips magnetised to the middle when he picked up AK a few minutes ago, only to lose a race to the QQ of his opponent.

UPDATE - Even Peter Horvath suffered some last minute bad luck before the hour-long meal break, but as chip leader he can afford it at least!

Georgious Panagiotidis was the villain here, the pair arguing over a blind battle that had to be checked on the cardroom cameras to verify the outcome.

Horvath believed he had won the last pot, having raised from the big blind and seen one limper fold, but when small blind Panagiotidis insisted he had not folded the pair disagreed over whether the Czech's cards had crossed the line.

A ruling had to be made and Horvath was told he had passed. So Georgious has annoyed the chip leader - who is sat directly to his left! Hmmm...

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