Thursday, 31 May 2012

Screams in the night

Just a few minutes remain to see out Day 1a but still bursting with energy is Maximos Pertsinidis after he trebled his stack with Aces in the final few hands.

The boisterous Greek as been one of the more vocal characters in the room all day and even the eight-hour stretch has failed to dull his mood.

On this occasion his screams were in delight after limping utg with pocket rockets and seeing a raise and all-in before it was next his turn to act.

Pertsinidis moved his chips into the centre and the pre-flop raiser also called, showing QQ to better the AQ of Paraskevas Pentagiotis.

The board ran - accompanied by full commentary from Pertsinidis - 776-6-4 and prompted further scenes of celebration from the loudest man in the room!

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