Thursday, 20 October 2011

Team Best lives up to the name

The battle for the latest bout of Fantasy Poker glory reached its conclusion last night as our two winners settled their differences across the poker table.

The heads-up match saw Cras Lorg and phagosoma fight it out for the €1,200 package to PPT Barcelona next month - and it was the latter that came out on top after some aggressive play paid dividends.

Our gracious runner-up got some ParadisePoker goodies as a consolation prize, including a t-shirt and a chipset to ease the pain of defeat!

So congratulations go to phagosoma on securing a trip to Spain from November 23rd-27th. We grabbed a word with the winner the morning after his triumph, and here's what he had to say...

How does it feel to have won a ParadisePoker Tour package?
Obviously it is a very good feeling!

Have you played on the tour before? Did you play in Vienna?
This will be my first ParadisePoker Tour tournament so I'm looking forward to Barcelona.

When you saw it was a Fantasy Poker tie after the PPT Vienna, what was your reaction? Were you feeling confident or nervous?
The tie was very positive news for me. I tried to get some information about my opponent before the heads-up, but I didn't find much. In the HU games the variance is very high and the levels were quickly increasing too. I tried to be realistic about my chances but I got to know my opponent better on the first blind levels.

What were the key moments/hands in the heads-up final?
The heads-up was decided at the fourth blind levels. At this stage my opponent almost never bet and he was always folding after my three-bets and three-bet all-ins. On these higher levels his stack quickly became short. The last hand was AQs vs T8o. My opponent had only 2 BBs and he called with T8o. The board did not help him and I got a river Q at the end.

Hungarian players have done very well on the ParadisePoker Tour – do they have an edge over other countries?
To be honest I don’t know the Hungarian players from the tour very well, but judging by their success I think they are great poker players.

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