Monday, 10 October 2011

Deal Done; Milan Zaric Winner on ICM, but Andreas Zauner Takes Home the Trophy at PPT Vienna!

Ladies and gentlemen, all these extra breaks have produced a RESULT! A deal has been done, and the payouts now look like so:

Milan Zaric - €27,960
Andreas Zauner - €24,020
Ferenc Bartha - €21,140

To the delight of the assembled media and casino officials who were all beginning to look a little dazed, our three players agreed to a one hand turnover for the trophy, which played out like so:

Bartha: Kh 8s
Zaric: 5s 4h
Zauner: Js 3h

Board: Jd 2h 4d 2c 9c

Thus Zauner won the trophy and the title to go along with his lovely €24,020 payday, and this PPT is officially OVER.

As all three players pose with the well-deserved trophy and all the chips, there is just time before we all hit the bar to reflect on what has been a most successful outing for ParadisePoker and all its fans to Austria's capital city. Many thanks to everyone at ParadisePoker and the Concord Card Casino for being so friendly and accommodating; and until we meet again in Barcelona next month, it's goodnight Vienna.

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